How is limited Gilbert?

I’m not concerned with his height at all. Does he play similar to PD baron Davis last year? Does he dunk well?

I’ve postered ralph with him lol

I sold him because of the release. Too fast and flat imo.

He’s a fucking god.


Loved his shooting did some real dmg with him. Only part that bugged me was his height which make his animations feel just a tad small. Other than that he’s amazing and if you have the card you should feel special.

Good enough to replace manu? Or should I run manu at the 2 to replace Peja

You do realize he has the literal best release in the game right. Base 11?

Just gotta get used to it. My PD unlimited Gilbert is the best card I’ve ever used in 2k tbh so I can only imagine how good the limited jawn would be

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You do realize not everyone likes the same things, right?


Base 11 is only good off the dribble. Off the catch it’s whack.

Base 49 is better overall because it’s the same off the catch as it is off the dribble.

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Sure but I hated it at first and then I realized if you practice it for maybe 10 minutes in freestyle and learn to time it it’s overpowered

It is possible for sure. I just hit better with that Stockton’s wrist shot than this and missed HOF Dimer too. My bench got so much better immediately.

Who has base 49?

who got like base 49 ? u mean like Jr smith , redd ?

And i got no issue hitting catch and shoot with base 11 but i get ur point

To answer you.

Gilbert arenas is the best 6.3 out here and maybe for a long time

He got two cons :

  • His height obviously ( ppl can abuse this )
  • no 3 point play ( you can deal with this with some other plays)

And his release can be a con for ppl because it’s realy fast, i would say faster than hedo and stuff so you can have issue being consistent on the catch and shoot with him

but his pro make for all of this :

Realy good dunk, can attack the rim easly
Nice animations
Great release , obviously base 11
Best badges for shooting
nice D and steal

Overall he is one of the best offensive player out here, but he is not realy meta because of his height. To be honest i use him and have ton of fun with him, i hide him at the 2.

He can go crazy on scoring against average / bad players but against comp you gonna maybe need to bench him cuz of his height.

Not really meta? sure his height may determine his use but along with Giannis and Magic, he’s still top 3 most popular pg’s used, base 11 makes him meta for sure

You can have sucess with him obviously but you can’t play him against comp, he s’gonna get expose badly

He would have the better matchup against any other pg than magic or giannis I think

PPL dont only run magic and giannis at PG.

AK47, Granger, hedo gonna expose him badly. he can’t contest them

Well yeah but the majority, I have come up against AK at pg a few times which was a nightmare lol