How is Ice Man George Gervin?

I’ve seen this card slowly dropping in price over the last 2 weeks, even saw a few at 100k bin while i was doing my filters. He didn’t last long at bin, but could still be had for the same price on a bid.

Anybody used him? Stats wise, he looks pretty dope. 6’7", a few HoF badges, and a well known legend in real life. Is it just because more popular SF have been coming out? His release slow?

Interested in hearing from yall that have used him. I may give him a look for fun…

He’s just nothing special. Especially when you can get D Kawhi almost for free.

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He seems like a good but not great card. Not worth 100k imo unless you got extra MT laying around and feel like trying something new

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Thanks yall. I love Kawhi, so i think i’ll just stick with him