How is hondo?

I used him all year last year and he was a god for me. How is he this year in terms of animations, defense, and release?

And his price at the moment.

Watch big c richy video on him

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Havent tried so cant comment

on ps4, the one ending most recently are at 182 and 161k respectively at this point (2 min left)

Hes a pink diamond bro. How cheap is he going?

Might have to pick him up at those prices. He was going for around 270k last night.

WHAT?! That expensive?!

bro its hondo

Oh shit I thought it was Hedo :joy::joy:

Forget everything I said then, my bad :joy::joy:


lmao no worries. I thought you were tripping when you said his D was trash

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No no man his defense is awesome on guards. Try to avoid making him guard big forwards

Won me several games of mtu last night, forcing rage quits multiple times. Had one close win where I was down 7 with a minute to go. He ended up getting a steal on an inbound with twenty seconds left and threw a full court pass for the go ahead, leading to the win.

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Played someone who had him at PG. He gave me the blues lol. He had 33 points on my head. The dude I played messaged me saying he paid 300K for his (overpaid :joy:) But he’s a bucket and a killer defender

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Can anyone price check since the promo dropped?

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He’s outdated already lol

I love Hondo and use him at the SG position his release is butter from anywhere in the court and his got very good gold and HOF badges including HOF defensive stoper and catch and shoot. To me he is better than Klay and Petrovic.

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