How is galaxy Tony parker

Just pick him up and was seeing how he play for everybody.

He is probably shit with that low strenght, 6’3 and no limitless

He’s pretty fun. I wouldn’t go on a run with him. But if you’re casually playing, he’s good.

Tried him out. He is pretty fun but compared to what we already got, he is infinitely mediocre.

But for a budget squad, why not

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He doesn’t have limitless but his shot is smoooooooth

He my back up guard. And i just have him for as my bench.

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Super fast, steals like a boss, excellent passer, and surprisingly gets more boards than you’d expect.

Feels extremely similar to his diamond, but just “more” of what I described above.

He ok after playing a few games with him. He not a game changer or better then Oscar. Am not that good with his shot release. Few more games and I should have it down . If I can shoot with c.j and green Parker release should be money. I got him for 35k so I can’t complain . Plus I don’t understand why he dont have hof limitless range. They give it to everybody that’s a point guard or shooting guard. Even centers. 2k need to update this.