How I win every triple threat game offline

This seems like a exploit of the pick and roll but its offline and I recommend using it before it could get patched.
This method hasnt failed me yet already finished board 7 15 times
Just get a good shooter like Klay or curry
Add gold limitless which really makes this way better
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I’m doing same online tho :joy:

Haha im doing this also, both offline and online :smile: never fails :smile:

Yes sir lol either a regular three or a off dribble 3 with Finley. Hurry up and use the method before 2k ups the cpu pick and roll defense

Especially on off ballers lol

I do that method but with a slasher for easy dunks. might have to try it with a shooter like Gibson

I’ve been doing the same thing with Boobie Gibson before I even seen this video LOL once he gets his takeover he’s lights out from everywhere

I’m just shooting 3s with Curry off P&R. 3 > 2

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I run two bigs. Back the smallest dude up and just hakeem shake them into submussion submission lol

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Me too but then u run into diamond Kidd whos like a tiny brick wall. Even Vince Carter was checking Giannis at the rim

Right. True. I havent grinded too much into it yet been so busy with work. Tbh any time i get im on the AH trying to hoard mt lol

im trying to get to 1000 cards and then ak47, who looks better than any other diamond or pink diamond on the token market

Good luck. Ill be honest homie im waiting. I have a feeling they gunna fuck a lot of people over with moments and throwbacks. But at least we know super saiyan giannis is a bitch to get lol

yea im only sniping. Havent paid over 500MT for any of my cards

I just think itll be Much much much cheaper to do all this later. And easier. Wont have to sit on snipe filters to get good deals

Yea im waiting til every player drops to under 1k, some of the items i sniped I can even quicksell for profit