How I felt during the 2 week ban

The first two days were hard to adjust to not playing 2k. I swear I would try to play 18 again, but after the first two days it was great. I didnt stress or yell over a game, rdr2 was fun and spawn trapping in black ops was fun. Xbox was great

But now that i’m back its literally defending full court pressers and pick and pop spammers…


Welcome back


Coming back to 2K is the equivalent of willingly going to jail after they let you out. Just be free man.


It’s like they said “your free to go sir” & your like “Nah, I think I’ll stay & play spades all day & not drop the soap in the shower. :joy:


Yeah after i got back from mine i dont even really wanna play 2k anymore been havin more fun doin other shit haha… blessing in disguise

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Most of me just wants to sell everything and come back ~ March lol

yeah this was a tipping point