How hard do you try in online games?

I don’t know man, winning monthly’s i can try some, but even then i just can’t put too much focus into video games, i like to play “lax”. i deffo won’t go out of my way to double team, full court press, bump steal and constantly seek for steals, its just not my things, if i lose (does not happen too often), i just couldint care less.

If I’m going for 12-0 I’ll try. If I’m just going for tokens typically go 11-1 or 10-2 by just posting up every possession.

Yea bro MTU is much more enjoyable when you already got the award no need to try hard and it’s cool if you lose 1-2 games you still get a good amount of tokens and MT

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I go savage mode if i play for the reward. After that i just chill and try new stuff or fool around a bit. Yday i even let a guy win by quitting just because he was begging me on the mic saying it was his last Issel game.

Wow, you’re a really nice guy. I’ve had 4 people ask me to do that and I plug my mic in and say “not happening”

Yea bro if I already have him and someone ask me I’ll quit. Its no biggie. I already have the reward so…

You’re on Ps4 I wish you were on Xbox so I can play you for being a savage!

Depends on the guy tbh. He was a good player, playing the right way and kept it fairly close even though his team was a lot worse than mine. I imagine losing at 11-0 is soul crushing and had to give it to him.