How good is PD giannis?

Been staring into my screen all day is he worth the price tag to pick him up? How good is he?

Worth it.

No more questions


Too good.

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Remove an ‘O’ from good and you have your answer


Is 305k with contract good price?

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Yes it is. Base is going over 300k rn (PS4 at least).

I put a 306k bid on one now I just gotta wait

Just picked up 290k and this card is not fair at all he’s a fucking god



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Posters all day no fucking cap

Best card in the game, simple.

He’s unguardable but not the best card atm

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How you use him can make him the best card in the game or not. He has that potential though

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I was over him when I sold him last weekend. after getting him on the ps drop I’m in love again. dudes a monster.

What the best way to use him in TTO? I’m just doing crossovers and getting blowbys and posters

i like to practice things in TTO that i can eventually carry over to MTU so in giannis case and yes its cheesy as fuck but call a pick n fade and practice getting enough seperation / downhill momentum that you can euro step / euro dunk. That move is the one that makes giannis the best card in the game when properly utilized

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Will do thanks a lot bro

Are you the leader of the site?

Bro… @HarryLundt lol

Who’s the best?

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