How good is Opal Tony Parker after EVO?

Since my friend talked me into it before how good is he?

i don’t have him, but I’d say low strength is still a liability on defense.

I’m thinking about giving him a bit of a try again, join this base 98 screen 3pt shit. I don’t think his strength will matter that much when GOAT Kareem and Shaq are waiting for that post up or blow by help in the paint

Gonna try him out next time I play to EVO Him. He looks good after update but strength is meh

most pple 5 out tho.

Pray to God that the one in the finals spotlight doesn’t evo itself. He’s already a pain in the ass to contain.

You have to be smart when you use him, just like before. He still has one of the best releases and now has great defensive badging with a much needed driving dunk bump. He also has great dribble sigs. If you zone, he’s perfect with his badging. I just Evo him but haven’t tried him in an i online game yet.

I think he’ll be great, but yeah, he’s small and not strong. Almost like an Iverson with a nicer jumpshot now.

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PD Wade still better imo taller on defense even though they’re both limited but better finisher and quicker shot