How Good Is Jokic’s D?

Ok, so diamond Jokic looks crazy good on offense, especially with a 3 point shoe and coach boost… buuuuuuut he also looks completely awful on D with the low LQ and, well, low every defensive stat, actually. I know what he can bring to the table offensively with his elite passing and some sweet PnFs, but does he roll out the red carpet for dudes to score? I’m just curious for those that have tried him out.

Edit: I should have re-thought this thread title.


“That good D”


I caught it right after I posted it lol… too funny to change though :joy:

This title bro…

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@YOSEMITE_HAM should be able to answer any and all questions re. Jokic’s D.

Both kinds :wink:


Tbh he snags d rebounds pretty well. I like him. His d isnt bad. But i havent played too much. Played one game. Went 18 pts. 8 rebounds 4assists. 3 steals. 1 block. Went like 7/8 lol.

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You didn’t notice the low lateral quickness much?

They made him 7ft so people would actually get him cause no one buying him at 6’10 with those defense stats and rebounding

Adding inches to players heights… here comes Bill Russell with an 80+ three ball again :joy:


Lol but is he really 7’0 in game or is just that a typo in his card

Honestly at 7ft. He grabs boards. Not many offensive though. But you should be running yiur offence through him. I gave him red kyries and he now has 80 defensive consistency, 74 speed with ball, 67 ball control, 91 cntd three and 91 driving layup. With the right coach and badges. He’s been just fine on defence. Great weapon in the floor and his passing is great if you surround your team with shooters.

I read somewhere on Reddit a few weeks ago that the nba actually updated his height lol.

I checked his height in google it is 7 feet