How Good is Diamond Magic with a shooting shoe

Like does it truly change the card. Somebody keep it real with me. Does he become a demigod ? Thinking of putting my currys on one

He’s unguardable on and off the ball with the shoe. I use him like a bigger tmac

So he’s THAT much better? Does he play to the level of a tmac or a lebron with red kyries

Also what should I pay for one if one pops up

And how would you compare him to tmac

i would love to know the same thing i got larry bird and magic would just be awesome to run also ,but looking at his stats the card does not look good at all for the price , i have kobe and used tmac can this card come close or just not on the same level ?

Kobe/ T-Mac and Magic are completely different players.

So the magic doesn’t become a dynamic scorer with These shoes?

Let me clarify a bit lol I use tmac at PG and run high wing/side iso. With a shoe, magic can do the same and actually hit snatchback 3s off the dribble and I can actually run 3pt plays for him like I do with tmac. Without a shoe you can’t really incorporate 3s for magic and your opponent kind of lets him shoot

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52% w/ Diamond Magic (diamond currys). People leave him open and he hits it. Honestly, he’d be shooting 70% from 3 if I wasn’t tempted to off dribble shoot it sometimes.

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How would you compare him to Lebrun

With kyries

Would it make more sense to just get tmac

im also curious how good he is, running pd harden at point right now and carter at the 2, kinda wanna sell off harden and get magic lol. tmac is probably better but that hof dimer tho^^

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He’s faster than red Kyrie LeBron but not as good at defense

Better playmaker

Can he score at just as good a clip.

The Curry my magic has gives him 99 speed with ball and 99 acceleration along with 3 boost

One sec

That’s the one I’m thinking of adding to him if I do get magic back. Before magic was good but I sold him to start Chris Paul and he didn’t have this shoe.