How far y'all in Historic Sim?

On Final Game so far for D Rose and I will be grinding 2 more tonight after work. I will be grinding a lot this weekend so gonna try getting done 2 a night and 4-5 done a day on a weekend if not more


4 and 3/5ths :grimacing:

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not really proud of it :sweat_smile:

Carlo on his 9th

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Damn respect. I can manage one after work and 3/4 tops on the weekend before I wanna rip my eyes out. Took me about 3 weeks for harden sticking to that schedule. Soon enough, Kobe.


These games actually seem more calming for me. I did however lose one two times but then blew em out of the water lmao. then i won one by 1 this morning. some games seem somewhat difficult for me but not many lmao

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I’ve done 4… games.


I’m playing to get there in 2 weeks or so. The grind is real but the reward is worth it imo. If i can keep it up I’m gonna grind more for tokens and MT and save up for a good card(I lost because I played that Kobe card and he shut me DOWN and hit almost every shot missed like 2 lol. Also lamar odom did as well lol)

76ers,Bucks,Bulls,Cavs&Celtics done starting the hawks

Working on my 6th team now. Gonna try to get Arenas asap then probably drag out the rest of the grind for Hakeem.

2 original sim left fished historic spurs, and about fished with historic pelicans

I’m grinding for D Rose once I get back home. Watched the documentary on Jimmy Snuka and his ex girlfriend Nancy Argentino( they think she was murdered by him, and it seems obv he did it based on the fact that he kept changing his story)

Anyways, the grind is real and its gonna be a long couple weeks but im determined

Three done. Not sure if it’s going to be consistently two or three a day for me from here, but I’m gonna try lol


Me too. I want Hakeem right away first bc I need a good center. My team is really coming together now bc i just got tmac from packs and also might keep that rudy gay card as well. Arenas and mullin will help a lot as well

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Only 2 bulls and pacers about to start a 3rd probably jazz or warriors

Playing the big 3 back to back on hof was fun lol

I really think 2K is trying to lower value on tmac and these promo cards so people will lock in and tmac is worth 100k lmao. its kinda obv they are trying to manipulate prices rn

Finished 3 teams , doing 3 to 4 a day . I try to grind extra if I can . But doing three a day I have Kobe by thurs. Which sounds to long. Coffee and mountain dew here I come.

I’ll likely get him in 2 weeks or a little later but its worth it for me

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Bulls and Celtics done. 4/5 done with the Nets.

I got a late start last night because of the Comcast/2k issue.

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6 games :weary:

Had to get Chocolate Thunder first as a 76ers fan. Now I’m a game into D Rose. Doing the East first so I can get that badass, pistol-packing Hibachi!