How far is everyone on XP Challenges?

Last night I got up to almost 11K XP ( I work everyday or I’d be farther).
Gonna grind out the Triple Threat Challenges for today to get that done too if there’s any XP challenges.

How far is everyone?
Grinding for Shai and Blake

i have around 13k xp rn. i just gotta keep up with challenges and i should be able to get griffin

12,500 xp

am at level 18

will be at level 20 tonight. Duncan Robinson should be fun

level 26 not home rn so i need all the new challenges

Level 19. Pretty smooth sailing so far. Haven’t done any of the unlimited XP challenges yet.

26 but I feel burnt out now so imma stop for a few days lol

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levl 19. haven’t done any of the main s2 tipoff challenges yet.

Level 21. 10,600 XP.

Level 17, with 7 more TT challenges left, along with half the Tip Off ones.

I got burned out at level 36 last season, and didn’t want to buy all the expensive cards for XP, but I started on the first day this time, and I’m confident I’ll get Blake. I’m not worried about MTU at all, I’ma do XP and Limited this season and only play Unlimited for fun

Got Jaren last night. Running out of stuff to do, Hibbert challenges are next

Level 26 and likely 27 by the end of today. Im trying for getting Blake with at least 10 days or more left in the season. I did that with Curry and it was nice to get a 10 day break from XP challenges and concentrate on other grinds.

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Around lvl 15 lmao. Really dont feel this season after I got Curry. Just playing dom and mtu normally, dont pushing any challenges.

13.3k right now, Lv 22

Honestly the main reason I play now is for the XP challenges. Zero interest in grinding for Ewing. Just gonna play TTO and Limited on weekends if I’m out of XP to get

Lvl 22 and need someone foul posey but can get it done no matter how hard I drive :man_shrugging:

And KAT has no arms. Happy Halloween.


Try driving the lane and pump faking. CPU usually fouls on the shot after you pump. That’s how I did the Posey FTs.

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Only level 17 want Blake so bad as a clippers fan but know I probably won’t get him :pensive:

Level 26 and 22,750 XP

I’m playing to get to SGA this season and stopping