How far am I from Webber?

I’m at 1109 cards, and I have no jerseys (except city edition), no team logos, no coaches, no arenas, no playbooks (but mine) and no cheap moments and 19 HC sets empty

How much mt you think it’ll cost to get to the 2000 cards mark?

Depends on how patient you are. Easiest way to conceptualize is you’re 891 cards short - At only 1,000 MT/card, that’d be 891,000 MT.

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Mhm, still a lot

And it’d probably be more like double unless you are super patient. But you can sell off afterwards to mitigate the cost in the end.

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Yea that’s what I was planning to do

I’m going to wait a bit for now. My mt is on Kobe’s head for now

I have 100 missing and it feels like i’ll need 2 months lol.
Too expensive to collect…

Yeah, you really have to go for moments and throwback elites during the superpacks/crashes.

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Only cheap ones, amy below.