How does Unlimited matchmaking work?

Just hopped into my first Unlimited game of the year, so I’m in Silver tier. My team is decent, but it’s mostly Amethysts. Got matched up against a full 10 man pink diamond dunk squad, 5 out, off ball, the works. Would the guy I played also be in Silver tier or are matchups based on team overall so you could play people from any tier?

I think overall W/L record and current tier also factors in. So theoritically - you could match up with a someone with a god squad who just hasn’t played much unlimited.

My theory is Mostly random with a touch overall rating only. I don’t think tier or win loss factor at all.


Both of those are irrelevant. Overall mostly and a little bit of location.

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I also think they’re are less people on next gen, so that could ply a factor. I’ve played a lot if ruby squads.

I agree overall …Matters most… tier/win loss not as much.

Compared to years past imo . I’m still mad how sweaty it was last year lol

On PS4 I end up with terribly unbalanced matchups all the time. Sometimes I run a 13 man of all 93 to 96 rated cards with a 95 overall and I play against a hodge podge ruby and Amy current card having 87 overall squad. And I am up by 20 after the 1st quarter. Other times I run a 8 or 9 man random budget card squad with a 86 or 87 overall and I get matched with an S tier 95 overall team and I have NO CHANCE!!!

The W/L record might have smth to do with matchups I believe. I remember last year when trying to go 12-0, usually the search before the last games went a little longer to make sure I go against a good team. But if they can’t find you the matchup that they want in certain time, it feels it just goes on random. To also make sure you don’t have to wait 5 minutes until they find someone for you.

I think it’s the same as last year. You can probably get teams +/- 5 overall difference. If there are no players in that range you may get matched up with anyone. Player base on next gen is still small.

it doesnt work

W/L should have an effect but it doesn’t

SBMM isn’t only in CoD lol