How does PD Griffin hold up in TTO against guys like PD Kareem?


He drains 3s. Lol

I mean in regards to post D.

chicken arms vs daddy arms


I use Googs as my big man and he does pretty well because:

  1. Most people flat out don’t know how to play in the post
  2. Any points he may give up cancel out with his offense
    And Blake is a much better version of Googs so I think he’d be fine

He dies if people post up with Kareem, but they dont, so he fine.


if ur using blake and posted up kareem then you should uninstall lol

I don’t post up in TTO. Just wanted a versatile big man and didn’t want to waste the MT if he’s gonna get abused by all the PD Kareem’s that people are playing with right now.

All my big men just get backed down directly under the rim since there isn’t a three in the key and they pump fake ten times then Kareem does a Yao Ming 2K17 animation and throws the ball down into the hoop.

My best interior defender is Amy Embiid.

I’ve been playing quite a few guys that are cramming Kareem down my throat and I obviously can’t double because it’s an auto three in TTO.

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I was playing against Kareem’s when I was grinding for someone and they had Kareem maybe they wasn’t as good as some ppl but he held really well hell I still run AK47 at the center in tto online ppl try to bully but they can’t rrally yea I might give up a post move here and there but on the other end I can shoot a 3 which Kareem can’t .

Well it’s simple

For limited Kareem, even Mutombo can only slow him down but not fully stop him. So now imagine Blake, who is much smaller than KAJ, has much smaller arms, and can’t defend against very strong post players like him.

He murders him

Mutombo feasts on drop steps and hook shots against him. So fun running Kareem & Dikembe together.

I wouldn’t put blake against kareem. I usually use use a sg/sf pf and c I would put a center up against kareem

Theres no 3 second in tto? Shit i been playing this game mode all wrong


blake with takeover can probably drop step kareem lol

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He’ll just fly over him with a good run up tbh in takeover lol

bro i swear when hes in takeover its a Gg

yea blake is pretty OP with takeover contact dunks for days lol