How does Next Gen Gameplay feel? Post your impressions!

Alright new shiny graphics are nice and GTA 2k is gonna be fun for a minute but what about the real meat and potatoes?

For those who have spent time with the game how is the gameplay so far??

Please no overly dramatic emo negative nancy stuff, people spent a lot of cash for these consoles just the facts.


Still waiting on fed ex

This is looking too much ,
Gameplay is slow , dribble worse then current gen
Gameplay isn’t looking like that

Ok so one thing that’s bothering me lol . Motion blur how do I turn that shit off it’s terrible

Motion blur is in the in game settings for sure.

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Pedro you dont have the game yet so your impression doesn’t count lol



Of course everyone opinion count , we live in democracy in all western world Ahah
If I see people playing it , league players , competitive stage ones and pro am and they have the same opinion as me while they playing it and I’m watch , I think it’s a valid opinion as all the others .


Of course your impression counts, just way less though lol


Ive seen enough. Myteam looks really good. I cant wait to play it. No sliding alone makes this the best 2k ever by default.

Collisions look really good too.


Not necessary , they count as much as the listener or receiver want to value them
I value some poeple opinions more than other even if they spend less time in the game or they don’t had touch it yet

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I don’t have see no one playing my team yet , but some people are complaining about sliding ( but probably without max badges )

I’m just saying you cant tell how the game “feels” yet and neither can I. Look and feel can be completely different. We need to hear from @FlawlessVictory @raptorsbenchmob and @OGxSuave


Big mad because stage is gone. You gonna be ok?

No I’m dont ahah
There is a petition now , I will fight for my cause :sob:

Tydebo already streamed myteam. Check his latest stream. This mode even with all the bs could live off proper gameplay. Im impressed so far.

I hope for that , I don’t even care too much about all this city and stuff I just want good gameplay :sweat_smile:but this isn’t looking good for now

I lowkey heard double team negating doesn’t work the same… I gotta go back in the lab and see. Will report back. Got my box today. Just trying to figure out my streaming set up cuz Ive never used a capture card

I’ll be streaming tonight all night tho. 12 am start time. I’ve heard lots of changes tho. Pierce and Lebron can shoot 3s from the corner stick shooting seems to be back? But most won’t use it

Graphics look fire from what I’ve seen on stream

FedEx just delivered, setting up now!