How does adding badges work?

If I’ve got an empty slot, do I need to add bronze then silver and gold? Or can I just add a gold off rip? Also no way to add Hofs?

Barely getting into my team this year so not sure how it works

Have to stair step it. Bronze silver then gold.

HOF can be added without adding the other 3 first.

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Right on the Hofs aren’t in the AH tho do they need to be pulled in packs?

Bronze, silver, gold
HOF badges can be added without any previous versions

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you can add Hofs directly, if you want to add a new badge you need the bronze. Badges are relativly cheap since every player has every badge. Adding very HOF clamps or range extender will make a card price go up. If a player has gold range and you put HOF range its price will go up by 100k mt. Other HOF badges help but not worth that much

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But I don’t see any Hof badges in the AH not even a filter

HoFs cannot be bought

Only in Challenges and some packs

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Right on of course I got the worse one tireless shooter in one of the challenges awhile back lol