How do you throw an oop?

I have tried many times and am only successful maybe 1 of 50 times i try. I double tap triangle and he lob passes it 99% of the time with no oop. What is my problem? Most the ones that work i must damn near follow behind the guy im lobbing it to all the way to the basket.

Maybe push the left analog stick in the direction of the pass when you double tap triangle? Never had trouble throwing lobs

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A lot of times I’ll call for a cut. Then cancel it with rb twice. Then call the oop. So the player is cutting to the basket while you try to oop it

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Yes i point in the direction i want the pass to go. I don’t run plays, never really learned nor would i want to. I kinda figured i might need to learn plays to perform the oop. If thats the case then forget it.

The key ingredient to a lot of op plays lol

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Exactly. Lowkey also running oop plays help the success. So any Spain action is usually good. Or alley actions obvs

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I know what you’re saying. Those cutter plays make them cut harder than any manual cut could. Damn I wish we could run customs. It would diversify the MTU experience.

Tbh ive always been on the fence about custom books

Lowkey I’d have a great ass set of plays I could run and it would be op as hell. But so could everyone else. And yt and twitch peeps would just release ebooks or videos on which plays are the best. Then everyone would run the same plays. But in theory it would be sick. Like old warriors book last year has such great plays. But then they updated the book… Lol

I’ve thought that too, but I also think that it’d be a better experience at the same time. I feel like most people are just going to continue to run 5 out. I don’t think a lot of the community would have the patience to actually learn plays or even scrimmage enough to find hidden gems. People been running the 13 Heat book forever and think that’s the best in the game and there’s no comparison lol

It takes some sort of bball iq to make this style of play work. Sure, there are some plays that you can just call and wait around for the actions to finish, but for a lot of the great one’s you have to also call for handoffs, back cut a certain guy, etc. and most of the community is brain dead

Yeee your right. I laugh when I see that flare played spammed over and over again. Cuz that’s like the only play they ever run. Ima playbook fiend. Sim baller advocate however past couple years it’s been tough to dominate with simball. So I do a hybrid. 5 out and deep hash when I can but throw in play actions and pnr but I’d love to be able to take plays from all books.

They need to save simball next year.

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Ya this. It’s easier with the cut cancel

Double Tap Triangle. But you need to time it right. Easier on Fast Breaks.