How do you stop your players from sagging off and helping in TTO?

I’ve been playing a lot more TTO than I used to and I noticed my players are constantly sagging off their man and coming over to help when I don’t need it leaving wide open shooters.

How do you stop them? There doesn’t seem to be any defensive settings.

Constant switching and adjusting as fast as you can. Maybe someone else has a better trick.


It is a serious issue in TTO. There isn’t much you can do about it either unfortunately. There needs to be basic “no help” defensive setting at minimum.


I offball a lot TBH, cant be assed chasing cheesers around screens only for my guy to help like a complete idiot.

If they are picking and popping I offball and it usually works.

If they are doing the thing where they call a screen and step to the left and launch, you need to onball though and manually go over the screen and you’ll be fine.

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Switching. Triple Threat blows. Can’t control shit.