How do you stop the momentum swing?

Just wrapped up a game in which I wasn’t leading handily all game by 12-15. At the end of the 3rd I felt the shift and could see it on the court. My players seemed to not be as sharp and reactions were a step behind the opponent. The fourth quarter began and it was absolutely ridiculous. I called timeouts, I pushed the pace, I slowed it down, and nothing worked. Look at the final quarter stats… it was like watching a middle school JV team play the dream team. His entire team got “hot”. I blocked a last minute dunk that literally flew up in the air, and dropped in the basket for 2 points. I got hacked on like 4 dunk attempts, no foul, called a block. If I even made contact with someone it was a bump steal. After almost 3 quarters I suppose the game decided it was time for me to lose. The guy did nothing different. He was flailing around smashing turbo and the 2K gods were blessing him. My question to you is this; how do you stop the lopsideded momentum swings? I stuffed the guy for 3 quarters, holding him to 37 points… he scored 26 in the 4th alone. That smells like BS to me lol.


You did all you could. At these times it’s out of your hand. Another reason why this game has turned to shit.

Stops and dunks

He blocked 4 dunks, virtually in a row. I’m not even kidding. There was so much contact on them too, it was absurd. I shot 2 free throws in the quarter. Meanwhile he was banking 30 foot contested 3’s with TMac. You know the one animation where the line-drive shot banks off the glass? Yeah that one.

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I lost a game last night by 1 point because I literally couldn’t shoot from the lag. Straight red every time. Shits a joke.

That’s why I just play offline mostly it’s much more chill and not as rage inducing. There’s enough content for me there

Try using an Ethernet cable instead of WiFi. I never encounter lag like that.

Never speed it up in these moments. Even when you got a guy open on a full court pass your player will just throw it away. When/if you get the reb, take your time crossing half court and call a play.

When they do score, Honestly, it is in these situations I go 5 out. You can’t pass without a turnover. Plus all your guys will bobble it. Every player on their team catches fire. Occasional use of 5out is not cheese, it’s minimizing risk of a turnover and puts all of their defenders on an island. Weather the storm, get really picky with your shots, if possible get to the line.

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I can’t call 5 out, I don’t use a 5 out playbook, and I did call several plays. I just couldn’t stop the overpowering momentum shift and convert anything. They became monstars from space jam. Perhaps a strategy card being utilized might help.


Another possibility is if they are using 1 primary scorer, send that player through endless screens. Every playbook has variations of double screen plays. Try to wear them down. Be safe with the ball, don’t feed the beast by rushing. Attack the basket.

I had the same thing recently @Ryan was trying to just play solid fundamental ball, but the cpu just punished me regardless. I really feel there’s nothing you can do. You just gotta accept the loss and call next.

I try to have fun with it, and by about midway through the 3rd I just start trying to get some posters, chuck the odd deep three with steph, and run isos to trying and break some ankles.

EDIT: I will add that I also do sometimes try and play it out, and occasionally have been able to grind out the win despite.

Also when I just close those fun games, the opponent tends to pump the breaks a bit as I’d say they’re aware when their on the favourable end of those games. Ends up being a bit off a showcase game. More relaxing finish than the rage.

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I swear 2K purposefully makes me miss Free Throws sometimes. I hadn’t been lagging all game and LeBron goes to the FT line, I shoot my release just fine and the bar keeps going barely enough to the point that its 0% FT. I shoot again and it does the exact same thing. Goes to the exact same spot. 45 seconds later LeBron is at the FT line again and he shoots it just fine.

On a side note I feel like I can tell whether I’m being equalized with the tip-off. Hakeem either jumps up like a normal Center for the jump or he looks dumb af and jumps up slow as hell 2 seconds late.