How do you shoot?

  1. Right Stick
  2. Button

I used to shoot with my right stick, but I realized it is more consistent to shoot with my square button on PS4. What do you guys prefer?

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The button, it feels awkward for me trying to do dribble moves and then shooting with the right stick.





Stick. It feels better in my opinion.

interesting. u are one of the few. on the switch some guys I shoot with Button and some with stick

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PC here.
i shoot with stick.

i tried with button but it feels very strange to me.

the stick seems to be more natural.

Only FTs with the stick, to have some variety :laughing:

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Close to the basket with the stick, layups and dunks.

Jump shots with the button


All jumpers with square
All layups, dunks and close to the basket shots with stick

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When i use the stick the players tend to do weird unintended leaners or fadeaways.

very poorly lol

but button every time

Square for me, I fail immeasurably trying to dribble with the right stick and trying to shoot with it at the same time lol

Button on catch and shoots/peeks, stick on a few other moves feels natural.

Button for jumpers
Stick for leaners
Stick for post moves
Stick for layups and close shots

Mostly I use square unless I’m backing down with Kareem then I’ll use the stick for the unblockable hook shot.

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I don’t know what it is, but I feel the transition between dribbling and shooting smoother with the stick.

Badly… :joy:

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I use square. I only ever used the stick during that one 2k where they said you would shoot a better percentage with the stick or something like that. I switched back the next 2k and I much prefer it.