How do you score lol?

No blow bys :stuck_out_tongue: any tips, can barely score on rookie ;o

PnR, run plays. Post game is easier this year too with the new layup meter




how the heck you get rookie lol


Lowest i can go is on pro difficulty?

For weekly challenges i think they are on rookie

Go to 2ku and learn the Series offenses. Just stand there and let the branches develop. Turn the cpu on ball steal slider to 0 so you don’t get ripped. The series basically run plays for you every time down, so get the timing and primary/secondary options memorized and you’ll dominate the cpu

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You can still blow by.
While holding LT tap Rt and rs towards ball hand- this will be a hesitation move. Then quickly let go of Lt and Rt. Flick your RS to the left one time then immediately hit turbo to burst to the Rim. :goat:


This made me laugh out loud :joy:

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Am I the only one who thinks free throws are way too difficult? I can’t seem to get the timing down consistently.


I am having trouble too.

Free throws feel kind of broken to be honest. I’m surprise more people aren’t complaining.

I struggle with with all but 2 or 3 players the rest are usually 1-2 or 0-2

This and soooo many made 3s counted as long 2s

As much as i feel its broken, i think overall thr ft percentage per game is right, unless your curry or harden you shouldnt b getting 12/12 every game lol

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I agree, though I just hate that it just makes you miss a full bar free throw with weird ball dynamics, rather than the meter getting faster or something similar

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Dude just said I’m the first cheeser he’s played lol cause I fade with reeves


Every player i’ve tried seems exactly the same as k18 only in slow-mo lol.
I loved the game so far, everything is slower… old man’s game :smiley:


Is game really that good?
I told myself that I don’t buy this year and it’s hard when you heard all this positive opinions.
If blow-bys gone? If post up is really that good this year?

I’m worried if that excitement isn’t just a result of lesser card’s and a lot of offline playing in the early stage of dom/treeple threat.(?)