How do you run a mother f'ing Play?

God, I try to call one and I hear the cries of my opponent’s steal button in Canada, help!

Run the play before u go across the timeline. The players need to be in position before the play runs so running it earlier will give them time to do that and the play will start as soon as u walk into the circle to start the play


I hate guys who double team or steal spam while I’m chilling and browsing my play catalogue. :sunglasses:


Lol as soon as i hear em scrollin thru im mashing the dbl team button. :joy:

I run 2 plays which have some variations, 1 is 3 point play, the other is double screen following by drive and dunk/or dish for corner 3, so much salt they bring, its amazing, i also run pick and roll along with it and some Wilt post up, then i get called noob/cheater/cheeser and etc by 5 outers :smiley:

You only run 2 plays…thats 100% a no on cheeser imo. Whatever works I guess.