How do you report someone with a racist team name?

Yes I relapsed and bought another xbox.

This guy is the Seattle Slaves and his team abbreviation is NGR.

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bobbybobby I can’t believe you!

but fuck that guy. did u get a screenshot?



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Couldnt resist going 12-0 for Glen Rice. Im a POS.

Nah man it’s all good. Glad to have you back


Ya what do I do with it?

Go to recently played with in the xb1 guide and report them from there. I’m not sure if you can upload the screenshot there or not

Nothing on Twitter or with 2K?

I think there’s a option to report him when you pause the game.

With 2k report them through cust service. They will ask for the screenshot

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but I don’t count on 2k doing much

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Did you really give away your Xbox to a kid on the street or did you break it

Sold it on Facebook marketplace for 250 and bought a new one for 299.99. Lost like 50 bucks besides the MT. Just pretending I opened packs and lost it all.

Well at least you did the most logical thing , welcome back

What was their SN?


Yeah do what @jdealla said.

Double click the glowing Xbox button on your remote.
Scroll left to People. Scroll down to recent played with. Select the players name from the list then click report or block. Report him multiple times and Xbox will deal with him swiftly.

I have an Xbox

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I told him he is a pathetic loser…lower than dirt. Didnt really want to get banned so stopped there.