How do you quick stop in 2k21?

I want to be a guard this year but I don’t know how to quick stop this year. Is it even possible and how do you do it?

It’s terrible right now, you fade off every move. Closest thing currently is tapping L2 to set your feet and maybe a hesi to the ball hand because I still fade off those too sometimes

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There is no point to quick stopping this year, 7/10 times you’ll do a fade, the other 3 you’re going to miss the shot lol


I labbed it for quite a while and the best I could do is press L2 + flicking the right stick against the running direction when running horizontally. When running straight forward just L2.

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So being a primary ball handler is bad this year?

What do shooters do now instead of quick stop

Pass fake

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Is that still Y and B