How do you play?

Whats your game like ? Pick and pop and pick and roll ? Some plays and some postups ? What brings you back W’s ?



I’m trying to beat you like you stole something. I play with :rage:


Slow Pace, Limit Turnovers, Limit Fouling, Smart Shots and keep opponent under 35%.


Depends on opponent.

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I mix plays with a bit of PnR but mostly work out of the post

Depends on whether I play domination or a mode without stupid point goals that force you to play like an idiot. If I play vs friends or online or weeklies or schedule challenge i use like 3 to 5 different freelances per game, use different plays (about 10-15; depends on which playbook I run at the moment) and try to post up a little.

First thing i do is see how they defend the post. Most players are trash and jump like crazy

I run some plays too. But dont rely on them as much as 2k18. More because they feel a bit nerfed. Feels more effective if u sprinkle them in.

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I play 7/10 I have to hit 7 of every 10 shots. I found that you can only hit say 2-3 three pointers in a row before the game makes you miss full white bars so I make an effort to mix it up, I don’t care if they are post moves, all mid range, whatever I can create but I don’t take dumb shots this year 7/10 as a minimum and if not I have to really lock down on defense, that’s been working for me against everyone


I literally have seen a guy jumping 4 times in the post and i didn’t have offensive 3secs before i got blocked lmao. Sometimes it works weirdly.
Feels like you are trying score over Super Mario but no mushrooms around.

My main focus is my defense and easy points from fast breaks. Dont know any concrete stats but I think I have above avarage points from fast breaks.

From half court I mostly call 3pt plays or Iso. And try out some post play, pnr, pnf to see if I have a big advantage somewhere. If my opponent sucks at defending the pnr, or jumping in the post I start to spam that, lol. But in generally I just mix my 3pt plays or do Iso’s with Kobe.

Depends on opponent for sure but I always focus first on Defense. Adjust settings and lock down shooters…it’s hard to win when Klay is splashing 3s in your face all game…so will switch to half court press early if that’s my opponent’s playstyle.

I usually don’t use my playbook in the first half (if I can help it), just freelance, PnR/P, ISO and transition. I run slow pace 75% of the time. Mid 3rd Qtr I start spamming my playbook and hope to pull away.

I would like to get better in the post though…I am not very effective down there unless it’s fadeaways with a height advantage.

Run plays and force turnovers = keys to success. When I get magic I’m gonna run a slower paced offense than the grizzlies :joy:

I noticed this last year but I figured it was just me. Glad I’m not crazy!

Run plays if they don’t double the ball handler. If they do, all plays go out the window and just find the open man.

I post up tons, having multiple players who can post up helps a lot, i even post with my pg :slight_smile:

The best way to score inside vs zone is post ups.

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