How do you personally guard Turk & Granger?

10-2 for the millionth time im sick and tired of only losing to these not going 12-0 specifically because of these 2 cards
i try my best to on ball and go over screens but the shot contests just dont register if you dont jump

edit: also does anyone have specific cards in their lineup ie draymond or pd lucas just in case they run into these?

I’m sure they register if you put your hands up. I think putting bigger defenders would be a start.
As well as defensive settings.


Get some dudes that can strip the ball so they are a little bit easier to guard being that they have to be mindful of getting stripped.


Tricky. Learn to switch in off ball while they are zig zagging and switch in during screens to get around and contest properly. Also with screens you usually want to back off when you see it coming as the player setting the screen will follow you out, giving space to go through it.

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Your last sentence says it all. Contest doesn’t register. As a result, I say forget shot contest and keep your finger on triangle/y and feather the left stick

GO Wilt smother on & off

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thin line though , if i jump once its over

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It’s all about feel. You gotta know when they feel like they’ve got enough space. Times like this is where skill gap comes in. Also, try not to let anyone under 6"8 guard them.

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You gotta be more specific. You having trouble with the zigzag or the off the screen threes?

Personally I’m looking for a good counter for the off the screens 3s also. For now I’m going hard hedge plus pressing steal such that they have no chance of getting a open shot or even poke ball loose sometimes, but it will give up 2s to the roll man (if they roll at all that is).

For the zigzag… idk but maybe just offball a bit. Maybe I’ve not run into some one good in that specific part of the game but that isn’t too much of a problem for me.

I’ve found more success using no hedge/catch hedge if you haven’t tried those yet

pick - side step - open 3 cheese

Put kawhi on em. Even with low steal he handles and contests every shot.

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Outscore them with Granger

Ybc with the goods

Nice advice, but listening to every youtuber say “you guys” over and over on every video makes me nuts.

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You just can’t guard them

It really can seem next to impossible when somebody who really knows what they’re doing is using them. Lately I’ve found my best chance is usually to cheese them right back with my AK, Granger, and Hedo. It’s sad this is what it has come to. I start games off running my freelances and plays, but once they start cheesing and off balling I just give it right back to them. Not gonna lie though, the really good players have it down to a science so it doesn’t always work.

cross your fingers that they miss

  • Put Scottie on Granny Danger

  • Hedo is not that scary

  • Pick them up at half feet

  • Shot contest all around the 3 line