How do you obtain a My career card?

I didn’t have to do this challenge last season because I already had Wade. How do I obtain this card? I don’t play My career so I am clueless!

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Go to the MyTeam building in the neighborhood

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There’s a MyTeam store in park

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How do I avoid all the story intro stuff?

You can tap on the neighborhood in the menu between games and it will skip everything

Thanks guys. I will hold off on this one till end of season if needed. It seems tedious if you aren’t a My career type guy.

Takes about 5 minutes on current gen, lots of YouTube vids on the details. Mosballin has one.


Thank you.

Does the card carry over all your badges or do you have like preset badges?

Your card is just basic I think with default badges and overall rating. So yeah it’s worthless.


Thanks man

Gonna have to play like 10 games in rookieville too :joy:

When you get the mycareer card you get so much exp easily

You can do 1 mycareer and whe you are playing the first game. Close app.
Reenter in the game and begin a new mycareer with the same myplayer or a new one. The game will ask to you to skip the prologue and jump directly for the nba, say yes and you can wall around the neighborhood.

On current gen it’s easy, on next gen you do have to get past rookieville which does take a ton of time

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I didn’t know that.
I am trying buy a ps5 but the lapse of time to buy is mesurated in seconds. Too hard catch one of them :frowning:

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