How do you guys feel about forfeiting games?


I feel sad.


If I find myself down 20-6 vs a hedo screen cheeser, there’s no shame in forfeiting

I quit if I’m playing a team I knew I should beat but I refuse to when I’m playing a sweat bag

Like MTU games? I quit a token weekly last week. Got matched with a guy with an overmatched team. He played straight up & didn’t cheese. So I just quit in the second half up over 20.

Win like a man , lose like a man , never quit / beg for wins

if im getting blown out , i use that time to learn better defensive settings and plays

Idk who raised these bums who intentional foul at the end of the game , call all their timeouts and then pause then til the time runs out

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What I was referring to was when your up by a lot and a player uses all their pauses so you quit for them. It’s mad annoying to me because 2k has an option to quit and the game isn’t that serious to do this just to avoid the temp ban but it only gives you ban if you quit two times in a row which means you need to take a break anyway

Do you guys see it as a sign of respect or weakness when a player tips their King in chess knowing that they’re beat? Same principle

But like I said if it’s a inferior team yea but if I had to face your sweat for a whole half no