How do you go about suing a game company?

@HarryLundt @Petravork if you guys were to sue how would you go about it lmaooo

Need a lot of money, can’t win a case if ya don’t got money


I got $10.59 in my savings is that enough?


Move the decimal 2 places to the right and add a zero at the end and you possibly got a chance

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For a couple days of legal fees.

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10000 ain’t even close LOL.

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You have to either have a ton of Money OR have such a great case that a top ten to twenty Plaintiff firm will bankroll it for you. But the attorneys are the only ones getting rich off of it. You’ll get $50-$100.

Mike wang promised a lot of things that aren’t in the games and seemingly wont on Twitter. Depends on how binding tweets are I guess

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Companies are concerned that they are, I can tell you that.

He definitely promised that you will able to change takeovers game to game

The case would be very thin. Youd pretty much have to prove willful and malicious deception and the you would have to prove the company released statements and promotions with no intent or trial to release.

I mean in THEORY you could pay $350 to at least get it to discovery phase where your lawyers can request, and be provided, documents in relation to your case. I think thats worth 350 on its own but I do not believe this could ever make it to court before they bankrupt you by delaying the proceedings at every turn, costing you tens of thousands while you wait.

UNLESS you find a lawyer who also is a 2k fiend and is willing to do this for free.

Assuming you’re not looking to spend several million dollars in legal bills, you’d need to find a law firm with two things:

  1. Has experience handling class action cases
  2. is willing to work on contingency, basically taking a portion of any settlement amounts

Personal opinion is that a case that involves any topic aside from gambling is a waste of everyone’s time. Even then this is mostly ambulance chasing. What have they done that’s illegal? Be bad at their job? Over promise and underdeliver? Hah! …welcome to the real world

Agree with your first paragraph. But Man I need a referral to the law firm that can get me to discovery for 45 minutes of an associate’s time. In my experience it has been between 10k-25k to get to discovery or books & records requests. Then if you actually find something incriminating in the 1000s of redacted pages that they give you and decide to go to trial there is no ceiling to your costs.

I just mean the filing fees to a court system, I mean you dont technically NEED an attorney to get you to discovery, I meant that in bare minimum what it costs to get something filed (at least in texas)…how much it takes you get there with competent counsel is a whole other story.

This is like, doing it on your own walmart style cost. Youd be blocked at every angle but it is possible…if you were suing some mom and pop AC installer or something. Not a billion dollar company like Take 2 that prob has 50mil retainer on some new york suits.

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