How do you get someone to stop full court press /extend pressure

Drives me nuts when i have to play a whole game of dudes pressing. How do you guys exploit the press ?

I play so slow that it feels like game took 50mins when it ended. No turbo and no passing till halfcourt. They usually ofball and watch for passing lanes :sweat_smile: Dribble moves help a lot to create space and gain momentum.

Imma need to play a friendly where someone presses me all game so i can learn how to play cool under pressure lol. Cuz thats what most people do online

I attack the shit out of it

You PS4?

Once you get past him, use the hold off technique, he will get stuck behind you and you will be at a 5vs4 advantage. If you want to know how to use it it’s in the dribble tutorial. I love it when they full court me.

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Nah xbox

Pass the ball to your 2 then wait for the 1 to run by his man and then it’s 3 on 2. Or while inobouding look for the 4 and 5 to beat their man down court.

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Run a fast 2 guard pass to him and Sprint

Yeah that technic is great, i watched it and i think whoever locks CP3 has to use it all the time. I have Klay so i don’t mind that much :joy:

Or look for your speed mismatch

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The way I play it is the best way for me cause the AI always just sits there and then I hold off if they user that man but either way I gain the advantage

Aka me lol

That midget has the strenght of Titans :joy:

Gimme a few @raptorsbenchmob

This. Staying calm aswell attributes to how well this works

Oh i know youll put me through the pressing ringer. Maybe tonight. I got a hockey game tonight. So it would have to be later

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