How do you get good post animations?

How do you get good post animations?

Whenever I go to the post with any of my guys, even against mismatches, I feel like they throw up red contests or miss white contest hook shots. Or the dreaded animations where my 6’11+ guys bring the ball all the way down to their hip before going up so it can get rejected by a 6’4 guard digging down.

How do I get good animations to score, or at least fire off open shots? For reference my bigs are GO AD, GO KG, GO Sabonis, and GO Duncan - so it isn’t the skill of the players, definitely something I am doing.

make sure you’re actually doing the post hook and not the post layup (let go of turbo before post hooking)

mix in the post hop shot and fade or just up and under so the opponent never knows when to time the jump to contest

use the post speed boost to get deep position in the post

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I’m making a C , best post hook and fade ?

same as last year…fade 3,hop shot 1, post hook 1


This. Don’t forget there’s a lot more moves than just hooks and fades. You do enough hooks, you can set them up with shoulder fakes. With certain fades like fade 3, get into your fade early to ensure space. Then like he mentioned, post hops are still deadly