How do you get FA Cards?

Im sitting on a little over 900 cards but im running out of options. How do you get FA cards, or is it just 1 per person?

Schedule Challenges


How often do you get them?

4 every 2 weeks.

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Yea thats not enough. Im either gonna have to grind fantasy dom quick for the reward jerseys or try to snipe silvers which is tough. Lol I only need like 60 more

Fantasy Dom will get you 60 jerseys I think.

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Yea I need those. I sniped some but theyre all expensive

Tip. Those free agents cards come in handy when you’re at the back end of your steak trying to close out for Finley. All 4 from the schedule challenges play amazing. Definitely gonna use that strategy for every player of the month card

I wanna collect them all for friendlies but thats a good idea

Grind fantasy Dom bro you’ll be at 1000 cards no time then you can sell everything back

Im at 954 lol running outta shit, im almost at fantasy dom but im trying to snipe silvers and ruby players/coaches. I still need like 20 jerseys too

You boutta be sitting on hella tokens and MT , lol good shit bro

Yea I hope I make bank, I could be sitting on a thousand tokens and a few hundred k of MT. That would be awesome

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