How do you feel about YOUR team after the All Star Break?

How do you feel about YOUR team after the All Star Break?

Keep it civil but just curious if you think the break was GOOD for your team or BAD? Much needed rest, or halted momentum? Maybe some of your players were involved in All Star Weekend - was that a confidence boost or a distraction?

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Halted momentum

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I feel great. We gonna suck and draft with a high pick, while trying to instill some motor on maple Jordan


It’s kind of crazy a team with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green on the roster has a legit shot at the #1 overall pick…

Do the GSW players realize their team owners actually want them to lose?

Bucks: just waiting to see how the playoff schedule looks. Don’t care about 70 wins and I don’t think the team does either. Marvin Williams should be able to eat up some minutes for us so everyone can be pretty rested when it matters.

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I’m a cavs fan, it was definitely a halted moment (appart from the appearance of sexton in the rising stars challenge which is not something extremely interesting)

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I just want that new Kawhi lol

I’m waiting for magic and dwade to go back up. So I’m in limbo. Lots of mt I’m just waiting on


Nuggs needed rest to get healthy in the worst way

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You… do… realize this is an NBA Talk thread. :joy:

Hey thread police, check the thread category


I actually don’t know, but it’s no problem since the players are so bad they wouldn’t win even if Bob Myers was there on the bench watching over them with a whip :joy::joy:

I mean, we start KY Bowman and Damion Lee…

By the way, another point I feel great I forgot about is Eric Paschall. As always, huge scouting from our front office, this dude was drafted in the second round and looks quite promising.

He’s not a new Dray, he’s more gifted scoring wise, a bulked tweener with midrange scoring, kinda like a modern day Jerome Kersey with less athleticism


I feel great. I think the break was well needed for all of the injuries we are dealing with plus it allow Luka & KP a new headspace to start gelling together.

Your talking about real-life hahahahaha lol

I’m hoping raps can go on another tear. Raps NEED that 2nd seed. 1st be nice but can’t see the bucks regressing enough lol.

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I hope Bucks & Celtics meet in the playoffs. That would be great series.

If we can hang on to that number 2 seed I’ll feel pretty damn good come playoff time

Imagine bucks lose Giannis … Man that be terrible. I’m hoping for a great. Playoffs. I can’t think of one team who is SOOOOOO reliant on one player

Yeah, it would definitely be more competitive than last year with Kyrie checked out mentally.

March 20th Boston vs Toronto, will be a big game! It’s only 1.5 games right now…

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I’m hoping Conley finally gets comfortable in our system before the playoffs. His contract to production output has been absolutely awful. I just want us to actually be a better team with him than without.


He is starting to look comfortable & healthy for sure!