How do you evolve diamonds?

So iv’e seen people with cards that are diamonds ussually, but have been evolved to pink diamonds. How do you do this? Do you have to add certain hof badges, or diamond shoe or something like that? And does the same work for pink diamonds to opal? Just curious how people do this, sorry for asking its probably a dumb question but i’d apprecaite a response

Duo boosts. Such as Rider-Sabonis.


maybe dynamic duos?

You have probably seen Nate Archibald or Artis Gilmore, they require like 3000 points among other ridiculous things.

Card has to be a designated Evo for you to do this, not all cards are eligible.

You can see which of your cards are Evo in the My Team tab near lineup management

I don’t think i’ve ever seen an evo’d archibald or gilmore lol

I think he’s definitely talking about duos

There are only about 50 to 60 cards in the game right now that can be EVOd.

  • domination reward cards
  • starter set cards
  • draft pack set cards

That’s about it.

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That diamond Zion turns to PD if paired with PD Anthony Davis so yeah duos boost.