How do you do a double team? Is there a button for it?


Hold left bumper

Lt and right stick up

You can also tap left bumper to icon control which player sets the double. So if u want your sf to double u tap lb then hold x. Pg would be lb then hold a. If that makes sense.
U can also set ur d settings to half court trap. Once they cross the timeline your comp will immediately go to set a double team everytime

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You can also use Defensive Settings to set up automatic double-teaming rules for situations for the entire opposing team, or specific players on the team.

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What game are you playing ? Hahaha

Do you guys know how to sub on players or your bench from the d-pad?

Press down on the dpad


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Press down on the D pad, then RT (Xbox) or R2 (PS) , then Y (Xbox) or triangle (PS) for your bench to be subbed in.

xbox lol

And thats working to set a double ? Cuz that shit doesnt work for me hahaha. Thats how i contest a shot

Thats to set a double on a different player with you manualing it

I think u mean lb ? Not lt ?? I tried what u said and it didnt work lol. I usually just icon set the double

Lb calls a double team with an ai coming over

They way i said it is in the view of yourself being the ai