How do you define living your best life?

Besides ripping Moments Super Packs that give you duplicate rubies?

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Playing 2k lmfao jk

Enjoying about nice gold Saturday in NYC and getting waisted for mahomie!

May go to Hoboken actually but yeah payday was yesterday so we LIT!

If you weren’t a Hoosier, I’d like your comment lol

Working hard and trying to keep bettering my career


Damn you’re putting me to shame. I gotta step my game up

Do you live in NYC bud? I assumed you were based in Indy or Hou if memory serves…

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Not going back and forth witchu…

From Houston. Went to Bloomington for college, currently working in NYC.

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When I’m with my girl.

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Counting 10 racks in a mansion with a basketball court in the basement

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Not listening to crappy music like this

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