How do you defend this

If you’re David Robinson, not too well!
Dream doing work on DRob!


Most skilled player of all time

Beautiful to Watch :muscle:

Probably Gonna Try and Get Physical

You can only hope that he misses no one defending that.

5:31 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

He was unguardable this year , and The admiral isnt a noob on defense but all the fakes and footwork are so deadly , Robinson looking like a puppet cause you cant play the block And jump on all fakes , You just can deny position , raise arms and call for help :joy::joy:

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I hope low post play makes a comeback in the nba. Jokic got some moves, but nothing like some 80s/90s guys


Davis got some moves too but not as beautiful as hakeem.


Hakeem had guard moves in a C body plus he was nimble, agile, quick, fast etc with all the attributes of a smaller guy and he had the best footwork bar none of any Big who ever played the game and boy was he special.

Hakeem is Underrated.

He is my fav center of all time the most complete center IMO

I’m from H-Town and he’s definitely my favorite player of all time. One time I was at a Rockets/Lakers game, wearing a Dream jersey, and as I was walking through the concessions some dude in a Lakers jersey was shooting a bag in the trash can. I knocked it to the floor, looked at him and said “Hakeem Olajuwon, all time leader in blocks.” In a related story, shit like this is probably why I don’t drink anymore.

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A proper Hakeem card will be so good on next gen :sob:

Hakeem so good the Donald was there to watch :rofl:

Back when he wasn’t the scum of the earth

Hakeem was that dudeeee

Ppl always ranking Prime Shaq over Prime Hakeem , terrible mistake to me Hakeem is 2nd best C all time behind KAJ

He had the moves of a guard and the footwork of a SF hence the nickname “The Dream” and who could forget the awesome “Dream Shake”.

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I’d take prime Hakeem over prime Shaq all day.

It’s close between those two, I lean Shaq.

It’s all good! You can’t go wrong with either one.

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