How do you defend against base 11 elite dribblers?

I have some of the best perimeter defenders in the game in opal Simmons, PG and Giannis, but still can’t keep up with some of the most effective base 8/11 3-point spammers. The guy I played today drained 22 threes. I was able to take it to overtime, but that was it. I’m always almost there to contest, but not quite… I don’t want to off-ball, so I’m looking for inspirations on how to improve my defense against this style of play.

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How about mixing it with zone or double teams??

Wouldn’t zone just invite them to shoot threes even more?

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Oh yeah silly me :rofl::man_facepalming:t2:

No worries :smiley: Some of the moves they make just leave me in the dust… all those behind the backs, hesitations, etc. The tempo is also super fast. That’s basically the worst matchup for me.



I notice all the goofy dribble god shit stops when youre against an Off balling Iggy with HOF Brusier you cant dribble in front of him at all.

The dribble spam guys are using an exploit in the game mechanics I just return the favor with 0 shame.

Extend Pressure
Half court press
Traps/Double teams
Full court press
Bigger defenders

Whatever works. Theyre playing how they need to play to win I do the same.


Shit… I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible. I hate it when my opponent does it, but maybe you’re right. I feel I’m a very capable defender, but I simply can’t keep up.


Offball with someone with a high steal like Iggy or GP

I hit options button, pause, quit game. Can’t spend 20mins doing same thing over and over again anymore. Dudes can keep bragging with their 80 irl iq, i want to enjoy the time i spend. Edit: Lol i read it as base11 pick spammers…

I got offballed by an Iggy and it was the more frustrating than my games vs Awanz.

He just bumps you and forces you to lose the ball. Lol

If thats their strength and mine isnt onball Im not just giving you a freebie lol. Make em find another way to win most times thats the gist of their gameplan.

With that said with the base 11 guys they can still shoot vs cpu or user. But atleast you can’t just sauce me…eurostep…pause than dunk lol

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Don’t off ball man, stay strong. Don’t hold L2 as much, ankles less likely to get broken that way. Also most of these dribblers do the same shit. Always using momentum. I defend on the non ball side so they are always momentuming into me. Learn the tendencies, beat them to their spots. Don’t off ball, accept the challenge. Playing lock down on ball is the most satisfying thing in the game.


I have this game recorded, perhaps some of you could take a look and see what I can improve?

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So momentum can only be gained on a change of directions right?

Hof charge card :nerd_face: practise taking charges.

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That’s an option, but I’m a stubborn guy and don’t to quit without a fight.

Yeah. I guard to the non ball hand and right up into them. Leaves the drive to the strong hand side a little open but most people don’t even realise that’s an option and it’s easy to disrupt that riding the hip and switching off to cover the lane

Thanks, I’ll try that.

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They always change direction. Know that, guard against it. Get a lot of steals that way too, as they still try and do it but then they just dribble right into you. Time that reach and it’s a high success rate of steals.


Try to avoid hands up defense. It makes you slide slower, but prevents you from getting your ankles taken. Try to have a balance.


How do I contest shots then?