How do you curry slide next gen

I’ve looked up these videos on YouTube but still can’t get it am I missing something? Should I changed my joystick to just be dribble moves?

Go to freestyle and move it down 7 o’clock or 5 o’clock angles and hold it

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I’m trying but it’s not working is there anything else to it?

Idk bro lol it took me awhile to get it keep moving the right stick eventually it’ll happen

Are you using a player with the right dribble sigs to do it?

I’ve got dark matter Ben Simmons, Tmac invincible, ray Allen, Paul George. One of them has got to lol

Who are you trying to curry slide with?

take your right stick, dribble the ball to the right hand, push the joystick diagonally down left. If it’s in the right hand, you would push the joystick diagonally down right. If thats not working I am unsure, and maybe its a joystick issue.

curry slide is the same for current and next gen

I give up maybe the gods will bless me with the ability one day

Thanks anyways tho everyone

Are you going between the legs instead of curry sliding? If so push the stick closer to the 6 o clock (straight down)

It’s easy to think you’re doing 5 and 7 o’clock when you are actually doing 4 and 8

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I’m guessing you might not be holding the stick in that direction long enough.

Hold it for a second or two longer than you would expect, and that should do the trick man.

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@docfat - check your controller settings > pro stick function. If it is set to Dribble Moves it will NOT trigger the curry slide.


Broooo it worked! That was the problem thanks everybody!!

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Glad you figured it out!
Now you need to use it exclusively instead of playing anything that resembles basketball and you’ll fit rift in😀


Of course need to keep tradition going with only strictly playing five out every single play, using players only 6’10 and above, playing full court press, off balling only, and screen pausing on three point shots

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Great point! Hopefully 2k add/ more pauses next year so you we can further grief our opponents!!


Glad it helped!