How do you beat 5 out?

Its literally impossible. If a good player 5 outs and has giannis at point and just does the crossover eurostep bullshit and 5 out all game its literally unstoppable. Smh. Im not mad at the poeple who abuse it cause 2k has it in the game so im mad at 2k for having this dumb shit in the game.

it’s easy, all you have to do is:

press start -> quit -> ok

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5-0 is a normal basketball strategy, that you can see in real life.

it’s tough to stop, but it’s possible.

I’m just taking few steps back, let giannis shoot for 3 and play the percentages.


I often do half court trap but not always.
I go under the screen on Giannis

I lose like every 30 games. This bull shit is the only thing i cant stop. But i guess i will just leave him open for three then. But even if i give him space he some how does a eurostep over me lol

you gotta bump the ballhandler ideally further away from the rim to end his momentum then continuously bump him — it’ll kill the energy of the possession

ideally have some hof d stoppers & hof rim protectors or at least good defenders to bump him around the perimeter & in the animation of attacking the rim & you’ll get a good amount of disruption

nothing easy — make him earn everything & don’t fear using your team fouls by reaching & forcing him to take it out & reset

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Hes not even screening tho. Its just 5 out iso all game.

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I sometimes do double teams but yeah you gotta bump him always and have HOF defensive stoppers

On ball defense is how you beat this.

Magic or Pippen can clamp Giannis, just drop right around the free throw line and if you see him stop moving for a second then step up, otherwise try to get those bumps.

He cant hit moving 3s or even middies well.

I should have just played off ball with my center and let hakeem shoot open 3s and play the percentages like the other guy said now that i think of it. I hate playing off ball tho. Shits tough.

I only play on ball

He cant hit running shots, its pretty easy to see when he will stand still and pull up a 3, play the drive every time.

He just kept doing eurosteps and dunking all over my giannis

Hakeem can consistently hit open 3’s.

Use magic or pippen or maurice lucas, or PD AD to defend him, not himself.

I was shooting 75% for the game and he was shooting 80%. Id rather just let him shoot open 3s with hakeem. It was literally impossivle to stop the drive.

How about screen in back court every time down. That thing is annoying too.


He has to stand still for like 2 seconds to take a 3, if you know he isnt going to shoot then you gotta just bump him so he stops running full speed and alter his angle.

Use a true defensive stopper on him. Scottie does a good job.

Hes gonna get at least 20, you just gotta make him miss half his shots, or make him turnover the ball by passing out of contested layup animations.

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I do half court trap on those times that he waits in the corner for the screen.

I can beat 5 out in general. But when a good player does it. Its too hard to stop. I hate it. Ill just take my L.

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