How do you all play basketball irl?

Me I’m 6’3" I play SF PF or C in a 5v5. I can do everything, but I usually play mid range or post up.

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5”11 and pick and roll cheese. I’m faster than most so I usually play in transition before anybody that’s lazy gets back

Center, rebounds and defense. Nothing makes me happier than grabbing an offensive board

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5’8 Forward I’m that one dude at the free throw line on the 1-3-1 offense. My friends call me Carlos Barkley because I have a dad bud and an undersized forward hahaha.

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5’3 I play a lot of PF/C in @Shoko ‘s tall ball lineup


I do when my friends are back home from school. They all play collegiately and 2 of them are like 6’8 and the other 2 have handles so I play the 3 and just lock up and shoot 3s lol

I’d compare myself to a hybrid of Giannis & Curry


6’0. Imagine old Barkley + hof pickpocket lol.

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Point Guard, consider myself decent, was way better in college, but I feel I have more control over my game at this point (I’m between 25-30 lol)

5’1 Slasher ppl try to bully me because my height but I bench 250 lbs

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5’8 G/F I mainly post up and drive.


6’0 shooting guard. Klay Thompson2.0

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Sg 3 point cheese limitless range

I’m a beast

Cant even dribble the ball.

I bench no more than 70 + the bar.

Kyle Korver With Defense.

Center crashing boards, setting screens and rolling. The occasional post up and mid range

I feel you man. I’m not like, in horrible shape, but I definitely got the dad bod physique. I’m like 6’ and around 220 pounds. My friends just use my name as a play-on-words like “Nick-and-Roll” or “Nick-and-Pop.”

That being said, I mainly play in the post on offense to either score or get assists, but now I’m more of a defensive guy the older I get.