How do you air out your nethers when wearing long pants?

How do you air out your nethers when wearing long pants?

Sometimes I wear basketball shorts instead of regular underwear and MAN lemme tell ya, these Texas summers create quite the swamp.

How do you guys manage to keep air dry when you’re wearing long pants?

Baby powder is another way. Also make sure you aren’t rocking a huge bush


Sir I am a man of class. I take a weedwhacker to my mangrove patch weekly.

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Wipe blanks in the bathroom. Can we switch subjects and listen to your “insider info” now that your non disclosure expired?

Just had to throw that out there. Having a forest of pubes creates nothing but a cesspool of ball sweat


Just so long as I have some good athletic climate underwear that fits tight between my crotch, I’ll be good.

Last thing I’d want is b-ball shorts or some form of loose undergarment, that’s how you get real bad rashes/jock itch.

Planned mini tournaments
Special players that you can power up for milestones. Say someone hits 60 points you can PULL or BUY a power up card (say a diamond) and get the 60 points and it’ll be the PD.

Possibly power up cards in token market.

Had some free lances not make the final game bc it seemed over powered. One was akin to a real 7 seconds offense. Where players basically sprinting to the basket, seemed to actually boost speed past their stat numbers.

Designed badging system to make players “feel” different so they can release 2 or 3 hardens at the same overall but different badging. Donkeys think it’s a way to differentiate cards, I don’t agree.

Saw that we were supposed to get a full on play practice mode for each player, probably got scrapped for the ability to add specific plays for cards instead.

They hate 5 out and actually felt it ruined their game.

Blowby is back and intended. Westbrook blows by people in real life and felt like last years game was not representing this.

Big thing I was told was the true focus of 20 was to delay ratings spread as far as possible. Players became usable bc of animation rather than stats, this was “a mistaken we want to fix”

Pack odds aren’t posted but the little insight I gathered is that there’s a sub system to it. As far as I can tell, people aren’t wrong when they suspect there are cold and hot times for certain cards.

EVO cards will eventually be the crux of the mode. Told it was designed to create “a game within the game” and lineup diversity.

EVO cards will eventually come out to be mode specific for grinds. Say an earnable TTO card needs stats gathered only in TTO etc.

Monthly reward cards they felt were super useless and regret planning the first 6 ahead of the wild power creep.

Expect some EVO token market guys with absolutely hard to earn stats. Like the 10 rebounds in a game with wade.

Special events, like all star game etc will have earnables, like shoes with big dunk or 3pt boosts etc that won’t be able to be purchased but played for (probably daily missions)

Very aware of game exploits like overall cheese. sadly I think they find it a bit funny.

There were talks originally of players having penalties for out of position, settled on position locks. (Looks like it didn’t work)

The build I saw had another myteam mode called “duo clash” that I assume will either appear later on or got scrapped. Premise was 2 player on 2 player games to earn cards and MT. May appear as a side mode of TTO.

They have a skeleton crew working on content, legit like 5 people making cards.

Most devs start working on the new game once launch happens.

Expect “seasons” sort of content. You’ll basically get it when a “new” season begins and the next tier of card is released. Felt like they spent too much time creating useless cards last year. As the year goes on less and less ammys rubies etc will he made.

There’s a little more but none are exciting.

You had me until that. Harden isnt 2 or 3 different players, hes Harden and I want him to be a true representation

Well some games harden will score 50 off 3s, so his badging will be more shooting oriented, other game he will have 15 assists and 10 post fades. So his badging will change in a much wider area, and not say have quick trigger on one but have it on another.

I’m talking about special cards for games, whether it be commemoratives for past career games or new ones.

You want Ibaka to feel the same with badges if he scores 35 with 7 3s compared to another diamond Ibaka that had 12 blocks and 20 rebs?

I’m just stating that the idea of splitting badges had deep as this was purely so same players can play different styles based on it.

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Sounds like the hope for a meaningful patch is out the window because they intended for the gameplay to be this way and find this amusing. Good to know what we all assumed which is they barely give a shit

They don’t care, really.

I asked about reverting the shoot contest and got corporate double speak. The answer I got was that the first tune we played when it was “great” for us was in their minds too strong for the shitty player.

In their mind, us that give a shit and play to get good ruin the experience for the 12 year olds who get mad when they lose.

Mommies credit card wins.

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I want the player to feel like the player. Dont base it off 1 game, base it off a career/season. Less is more and it sounds like a money grab

Moments made them a ton of cash, look at the market crash when a crazy diamond or PD would hit.

People RIP them and brace yourself bc with their badging rework it’s gonna mean so many more.

Edit: you got 80 badges, which mean 80 different ways to differentiate Lebron moment 1 from Lebron moment 3. It’s total BS but C.R.E.A.M.

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I know they’re amused. Robbie fatass cracks jokes about broken game modes with a smile on his face while he wipes his ass with my $100 lol

Sounds like this will be on par with 2k18 minus a VC glitch and more versions of cards aka pay to win

Yea call it what you want but every year they take away more out of our hands and monetize it

So that part about the “little man” being important this year was complete BS? This bullshit encouraged you not to publicly slander them? If anything it’d encourage me

Come on. You don’t want to finally buy that lillard with range finder once he scores 40 on 7/8 3pt shooting?

Come on baby, rip those packs.


The more I watch and read, I doubt I bye this excuse of a game at any point