How do yall "scout" players who are not rookies?

How do yall "scout" players who are not rookies?

If it’s not a rookie and just an up and coming player in the league, how do yall check how “good” he is? Eg. Dejounte Murray (GO SPURS GO) what if I’m a random fan in the NBA and I want to know how he plays? Is there a specific game I look for where he makes an exact amount of stat to know how good he is or what type of playstyle he has?

If you want to “scout” players in the league, you just watch games differently.

Instead of watching “the ball” and seeing the scoring outcomes, you just focus on the player all game. Watch what he does with and without the ball in his hands, and how he plays on defense.

That’s where you’ll see a ton of the BBIQ and instincts stuff.

I DVR all the Knicks games on MSG, and I have it set to record the ESPN/TNT/NBATV primetime games. I’ll have to set up the ABC ones now that football is over.

DVR is nice, because you can watch this way more easily. Especially if I’m watching a game and I already know who won.


The absolute best way to increase your basketball knowledge in every way is constructing a good “NBA” twitter list and including people with actual GOOD opinions. Dont create an echo chamber though. Hopefully you see lots of different opinions. Include people who specialize in analytics, people who focus on NBA draft / college players, those who write well, those who post individual plays and sets, etc. Then comes watching the games and teaching yourself more about the game both basketball and NBA. The more you do it, the more you will recognize things in real time. It takes a long time to become well versed and knowledgeable but is extremely rewarding if you love the NBA / basketball in general. Also helps to actually play basketball and what not but its definitely not NEEDED.

The most important part is trying to be objective as possible. For example, im “technically” an Bulls fan but at the end of the day im like rob lowe wearing a NFL shield hat lol, a fan of the league. I dont really hate any players and try to enjoy everyone for what they are. Dont blind yourself