How do we know what badges we can apply?

Obviously there’s no chance you can put a RE badge on a guy like Rik Smits or Hakeem, so I was wondering what exactly meets the threshold for applying a badge onto a certain player. Do they have to have a specific rating for a certain stat that the badge correlates with? I’m honestly not sure. Hopefully a guide can be made in the near future regarding this as that’d be super helpful

actually im almost certain any card can get anything. unfortunately the tip off cards cant be upgraded past bronze but i know drose and smits can get clamps bronze which is crazy

interesting. because whenever i try applying some of the extra badges i have in my collection to any player in my collection i only see some of my '20 emerald cards that i can add the badge(s) to and that’s literally it, making me think that there must be a certain rating that a player must have in order to apply the badge to them but i guess not

I haven’t tried applying any badges. How do you know if a card can’t get more than a bronze or not get certain badges at all?

that’s exactly what i’m wondering lol

to apply “any badge”, go to the lineup screen, click on the player, choose ‘apply badges’, and in all the spots, every bronze badge should be available to add

not like i’m thinking about doing it (maybe i am), and i’m not on right now, but what you’re saying is that we can add bronze range extender badges to any of our centers?

id assume. i havent tried range

even if you put range on smiths he has 25 3pt so it’s just a waste

no i wasn’t gonna put it on smits lmao that was just an example

yeah ok aight lol but that’s how i assume it will go,they will give no 3pt shooting to guys like him til like february then it’s over

I am pretty sure that in the developers’ notes (or whatever the document was called) they said that each player could only be added certain badges, I’ll try and dig it out

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they said no more goofy lineups in 2k20 how did that work out

Where are all the Clamps badges?


there is a glitch right now (at least on xbox) where if you search for a specific badge you can only see the bronze version of that badge. also basically everyone can get clamps. those two things together has made bronze clamps extremely valuable


Yeah its glitched on PS4 too I somehow got in and bought a gold clamps badge but none of my players can equip it like huh? This is nuts.

I slapped a Bronze Clamps on Drose and that was a snipe.

Houston, Mitch and Gus can get Bronze Clamps?


yes (if you put it on through the lineup screen). you have to upgrade bronze to silver to gold tho

Okay bet. This is OD buggy. I dont see any Silver Clamps badges :man_facepalming:

What a damn joke. Never been this frustrated at myteam before.


yeah i looked for 40 minutes trying to find gold and silver clamps for players yesterday. the whole badge system is broken. you cant apply through collections, you cant search properly, and you cant upgrade badges on the tip off cards (this is big; essentially the entire collection can get any bronze badge, but once you apply it, it disappears in the “apply badges” section. it still exists, but it unofficially caps all tip off players badge upgrades at bronze)


Bro I just want to play the fucking game man. FA cards, Hotfix and now this badge bullshit.

Fuck man.