How do people play like this

went up against someone who was using a black ball as their home court game ball, that shit was annoying af. it was almost impossible to grab a rebound all game cause i couldn’t see the ball, how can dudes play with that on a regular basis

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never forget the pink timberwolves themed court, ball, fans and jerseys. felt like straight out of a barbie house, quit 1 min in.

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luckily i haven’t gotten in too many matches with the crazy courts

It’s a crazyworld out there :rofl:

It’s all because of mushrooms…


thanks for the idea ^ you r doing a holy job.

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yw, glad i could up your experience!

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I’ll be creating a barbie themed court/jerseys when I get home. Add a pic of Trump in there to get the people stir crazy. That combined w Wilt @ the 1 & Giannis @ the 5 should have the rage quits piling up.

Can someone on Xbox upload a Barbie pic?

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thank god im not on xbox

Blackcourt red Lines, black ball and black home jerseys.

It’s funny that the people who rant about the broken stuff of the game are actually publishing them to the cheeser’s

did i?

The only explanation I have for this is… KIDS…

I’m just kidding bro

The white court is so much worse. Experienced that last night


I have to adjust my tv on some of those bright white courts lol

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I play with a black ball on a regular Pelicans court. I don’t even see how that’s distracting. I have bad vision and I can see the ball still.

2k17 I used to run an all white court cause the pictures i wanted to use had white square around them all. Good times

The worst part of it is that it magically shines and makes every other color not noticable.

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