How do i stop running fullcourt press?

i wanted to switch to zone but it just goes back to press again every play and i had to manually switch to zone

timeout when of defense --> triangle for gamplan --> there you should have half court and full court defense settings

in the game you can try choosing man to man then once again men to men - it worked last year.

yeah i know man to man works normally
but once i go to 2-3 zone
my cpu will fullcourt press, then switch to 2-3 when the opponent is in my half court, super weird

i literally had to manually switch to zone every play for the whole game

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Maybe it has something to do with the coach you’re using. IDK check that timeout method and let us know if it worked for you.

its the same for the time out menu, the fullcourt set menu only allows me to choose between FC press or FC trap…

What about extended pressure maybe it’s turned on.
Also try changing the coach maybe it will help. Who knows.

This is super annoying. I have the same issue switching to any defense

Spam man to man 3 times. Everything resets after that

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on current gen you just press man to man a bunch of times and then press the zone

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You gotta switch to man to man twice. Idk why but if you only press it once it will go back to whatever setting you had be for in the next possession

Typical legacy issues that carry over from year to year.

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I lost a game today for that dumb… Press full court for error and it was impossible to quit.