How do I move PD Giannis from my alt to main (xbox)

I’m not sure why I didn’t think to do this earlier but I entered the PD code on an alt account I use for multiplayer in my house and now I have a backup newbie team + PD God.

My main account pulled PD Magic and I need to unite these beasts.

Am I going to need to find a middleman and get double MT taxed?

You will need 2 different IP addresses to perform the transfer so probably need a 3rd party

I have done it with just two consoles. Just sell the Giannis on the alternate on console 1. Then, sell rubies on your main account using console 2 equal to the MT you got from selling Giannis. Last, get back on the 1st console and your alternate account and buy the rubies you posted on your main account.

So, sell Giannis on console 1. Post rubies on your main account on console 2 equal to the MT you gain. On console 1, purchase the rubies you posted.

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Ok I’ll give this a shot. My alt account never played myteam on my main Xbox so hopefully I can see the transactions even though both are on the same ip.


  1. Sell Giannis
  2. Transfer mt
  3. Buy Giannis
  4. Get 2 bans
  5. Create a post on 2kg “2k is trash” :rofl:

^ post of the day

also gonna have to eat 10% tax L on 2 occasions

one when giannis sells, and two when you buy back all the rubies

its your best bet but be careful, you may just get fucked over and barely have enough for giannis and have to waste time hunting for a bargain

You’ll need to put the 2 XB1’s on seperate internet connections as well. WiFi hotspot from a cell phone works.

Haha yeah…so much tax and so much ban risk but worth it for Giannis, no?

I think any myteam ban doesn’t carryover to the park or rec center, and I haven’t touched myteam since the first week, so I’ll be fine either way.

I’m hoping to have 2/3 of a killer TTO lineup after this though.

Ugh… Forgot about unlocking the auction house. It let me send Giannis right to the auction when I pulled.

Is the market higher on Friday or Saturday?

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Ended up not needing a 3rd party to transfer. Both accounts could see each other’s auctions from the same network.

Magic and Giannis on the same squad is tight.