How do I meme?

Now im a bit older than most of yall, probably. Im in my early 30s.

The Vork doesnt know where the memes are. I see on facebook some friends posting some Cardi B memes about her drugging and stealing from guys, but where do they find them?

I would like access to the meme center, so I can see this first before people on facebook post them.

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The question isnt where, its where not?

Was this itself an attempt to meme?

Giphy --> Copy gif link --> Paste here

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The Vork needs a custom Meme creator. It would be EPIC!!!

instagram pages mayne

u go down a dark deep rabbit hole

and regret none of it afterwards


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No RAgrets
But much Shame :joy::rofl:

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Reddit memes probably

Ay, the Miz face promos leading up to Wrestlemania are :fire::fire::fire:

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I prefer his heel promos lol

Regardless, Miz promos are the best in the Biz.

Yeah and I don’t think there is even a close 2nd , atleast in wwe there is not

Weirdo season.

Tenor . I just found this yesterday . YOUR WELCOME!